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We quickly achieve the goal of the booster, we oppose in work smatter, the ignorant behavior, against for professional talent is not the insurance and fundamental, to become the largest in scale, the best management, the best service, benefit the best paper class printing and packaging enterprises must have a want to work, can work, do understand things staff team. The company in the enterprise culture under the framework of the employing standard extracts, dash forward show human value, to determine what kind of person can be absorbed in the team, and decide how to influence the effectiveness of individual and team work and how to achieve the goal of the company expected. And the servant standard is "simple professional way, sunshine honest attitude, active passion style".


1, simple and professional attitude

      Simple is a simple business relationship, simple the colleagues of the relationship, the relationship between the simple and this is the basis of organizational efficiency, we advocate in work on target, deal, eliminate interference.

      We need professional talented person, make each work specialization is sufficient to whim, this will bring our work to danger, and the serious influence the sustainable development of the enterprise.

      We advocate the attitude of the continuous learning, diligence, and asking questions, to continue to shorten the gap with excellent company, when I, I, choose the best from, its not best to correct them. To industry, the professional field of thorough research, to grasp industry characteristics, trends and development trend, summarizes the general rules of the development of things to guide our work, improve the long way to go, the professionals should be constantly seeking, in the professional on the road to do know is easy, but easier said than done is not our style.

2, the open state of mind

      Honesty is the foundation of us to do anything, if we don't honest, in pursuit of the surface of the harmonious and avoid the real problem, it is difficult to build a positive organization atmosphere, thus affect organizational performance and development of the company; Sunshine culture is between people appreciate and enjoy each other, inspire each other, look at others with sunshine state of mind, don't always see the faults of others, should have empathy, be good at empathy.

      We advocate open mind, of his own mistakes and faults and defects to honest face, to do more criticism and self-criticism. The mistakes of others, fault to open points out, and put forward constructive or good advice; We advocate, always face the right opinion and criticism and rapid improvement, the achievements of others heart congratulations, and praise.

3, positive style of passion

      We need to have passion. Drunk in the study all the sword, the top trumpet wheaten cake joins camp. Is a patriotic passion; Wered wear empty, great tide, rolled up thousands of snow. Admiration is the passion; Passion need those who have the passion to complete the business, we need to fully expose inner passion, crazy to create competitive.

      No passion will quit our career, we should abandon slump, laggard pace, such as by will speak, speak conditions, enjoy, without working condition; Abandon difficult pledge, the next working attitude; Slam the door hit upon a sudden idea, state of work style.